Over 500% Gains on Opening Day Launch!

We are proud of the strength of our community; we believe that our success comes from our OpenSource approach to transparency and honest outreach with our community. We are 100% community driven with a strong team that is committed to the success of this project.

50% of token supply burned.

50% of tokens were burned immediately after listing, there was also a buy limit and other anti-bot mechanisms implemented on Uniswap to ensure fair distribution of tokens.

1,000,000,000,000,000 ViceToken were created.

50 percent were burned shortly after listing to a dead address.

More than 90% has been burned since launch.

Taxes on Buys and are variable and based on market demand.

6% Redistribution

Variable Tax on Sells for Marketing, Buy-backs, & Development


ViceToken token holders benefit through static rewards and also through the automatic Buy-Back process built into the contract. When the Buy-Back function is turned on, the contract automatically buys back and burns tokens after every sell. The goal of this experiment is to see if it is possible to reach 1 billion market capitalization with these unique tokenomics.


We are building multiple revenue streams. These profits will be injected into the liquidity pool and the equivalent tokens will be burned to benfit the holders of this community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy in Pre-Sale?

ViceToken is on sale at the UniSwap DEX and you can buy VICEx at this link --> BUY ViceToken

What is ViceToken?

ViceToken is a decentralized meme experiment that has a 6% reflection reward for holders, and 18% taxes are used to perform buybacks / marketing / development.

What is the goal of the token?

The goal of the token is to try to reach 1 billion market capitalization and to create a sustainable business that will create a revenue stream that will be pumped into the community Liquidity Pool. The way of the DAO.

Where can I get ViceToken?

The Uniswap link is here: Uniswap.
The contract address is: 0xDfD5bb6cE8716822B2c9B255560194Ca3509BebC.

What are the tokenomics?

1,000,000,000,000,000 ViceToken were created.

50 percent were burned shortly after listing to a dead address.

6% Redistribution

18% Taxes for Marketing, Buy-backs & Development

Win Big